How To Embrace your negativity

Posted on Oct 14 2017 - 12:22am by admin

Life has been a roller coaster experience for me so far. In this ride, the most beautiful and the worst truth is the unfolding of an uncertain life. Sometimes we experience moments of happiness and yet, we also face bitterness of sufferings. In our lifetime, we swing both ways. Every now and then, one often hears people saying to be happy. Embrace life happily. Stay positive. It is not possible to be happy all the time. How can you be happy when a dear one passes away? How can you be loving when somebody you love is leaving you? How can you be calm when everything around you goes haywire? How can you be patient when life is making you impatient? How can you stay positive when everything happening around you is sending negative vibes?Related image

I have heard many people say, stay positive. Don’t be negative. They will say everything happens for a reason. So be happy. But finding happiness doesn’t mean to be happy, but it is an eternal journey to be at peace. It’s a journey that we are meant to travel to find our own self. We may get more sensitive, emotional, silent and intense while pondering our life purpose. We may become a solitary seeker, trying to find the voice of our soul. Asking for happiness is similar to seeking peace, which is beyond being positive or negative. It’s a quest to find one’s own identity. It’s a journey to find the self and one’s own higher consciousness. In everyone’s life this phase comes, and thinking it as sadness or negativity is nothing but a mistake of the highest order.

Just as heads and tails are two sides of the same coin, being positive or negative are two sides of human personality. We can’t live showing one side and hiding the other one. Just as happiness is the interval between two periods of suffering, similarly our positive attitude comes to light once we know the negative side of our life. Unless we know the darkness, how can we find the true meaning of light? Negativity prepares us for a new future waiting to happen in our lives. So, don’t suppress it. Allow it to consume you. Only then you can emerge as a better you, a positive you.

You must cure yourself-it’s the harsh truth. Nobody can and nobody will help you with a disaster in life. Everyone can give you advice, everyone can say to move on, but the process of moving on must be done by you. You and you alone.

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