Wonderful Trees in The World

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Eucalyptus deglupta:  eucalyptus deglupta, Top 10 Wonderful Trees in The World 2018 This tree  is being grown in tree plantations and is used to make paper because of the pulpwood. Used for pulpwood plantations in Philippines.

Silk cotton tree: silk-cotton-trees-in-ta-prohm-top-10-wonderful-trees-in-the-world The silk cotton tree has been see n by so many people because everyone will go and see how it has grown so big in the ruins and have no clue as to where and when it started or when it will end and destroy the rest of the ruins.

Teapot Baobab: teapot-baobab It is said to be about a thousand years old and holds over thirty one thousand gallons of water.

Angel Oak:  angel-oak-top-10-wonderful-trees-in-the-world-2017  The shade from this tree covers seventeen thousand square feet and you will be in the shade no matter where you go. One of the limbs are eighty nine feet long. It is east of the Mississippi River.

The trees of tule:the-tree-of-tule The trees trunk is so strong that nothing can cut through it and has the stoutest of any other tree out there. It sits on the Church grounds in Mexico. It has a few weird shapes growing in or that have already been there. Just go see the tree and feel the trunk to get the proof that everyone wants so badly.

Axel Erlandson Circus trees:

axel-erlandson-circus-trees-top-popular-wonderful-trees-in-the-world-2017  It is called the basket tree and the you have the telephone booth tree plus the two leg tree. These are three of the five. If anyone knew the other two names no one has spoken up and said what they could have because no one can find out what they are. The attraction opened in nineteen forty seven and people will go just to see if they can figure out what has happened to the trees to make them grow this way.

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