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vacations are very much necessary for everyone due to the race we all face in the current competitive world. And vacation itself means outings, and obviously relaxation. And as it pertains to relaxation we all look at the best of all regarding hotels around the world. With limitless budget come many choices but very few of them at the top of a fine live experience. When it comes  to luxury some hotels have it all and they’re just ready to offer their best and make one’s stay memorable.

10. Laucala Island Resort – $40,000 per  Night.  Laucala Island Resort, Fiji Most Luxurious Hotels in The World 2017 This whole private island is kept by Red Bull’s for the billionaire consists of  only 25 villas. This island refuges on the south Pacific and is named Laucala Islands. This land is united with dramatic rain forest laced land and white sandy beach with unmatched level of privacy and luxury. Expenses have  been made on the tropical hide ways where majestically stand 25 Fijian style villas, amid coconut style plantations and atop a volcanic and endless jungle.

Style ant once goes mesmerizing as natural fibers and woods are used in designing and the harvesting of wild orchids gives the atmosphere a speechless look. Set over 14000 hectares of land, this place consists relaxation ways like free massage, and horse riding on beach. One night on this island cost $40,000.

9.Sky Villa At Palms Casino Resort, Neveda- $41,000 per  Night

Sky Villa At Palms Casino Resort, Nevada The Palms Casino Resort is a residential tower and casino hotel situated near Las Vegas Strip in the Paradise, Nevada. It consists 653 rooms and suites and has 95000 sq casinos. Offers a night stay at $41000, this place has everything which makes a perfect party life, starting from a ghost bar which is night themed club and gives the feel in the daytime as well, Moon, a place open only for special events, Ditch Fridays where pool parties are held every Friday night with happening dj’s and a rain night club. It also give private luxuries by providing with private terraces, private glass elevators, massage room, fitness room and dry sauna with the rooms and suits.

8. Grand  Hyatt  Cannes Hotel Martinez – $42,000 per Night    Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez The name itself judges the hotel. Situated in a prime locality on the high-class Boulevard de la Croisette, the luxury 5 star hotel is an important business place and a prime destination for some exhibitions and conventions. The spot is well known for the brilliant hospitality, rich history, timeless architectural designs and sophistications, thus today it ensure among the top European luxury hotels. Unlike others, this place is  mostly use for business meetings and conferences and cost $42,000 per night.

7.Grand Resort Lionise  Greece- $43,000 per Night  Grand Resort Lionise, Greece Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in The World 2017 The Grand Resort Lagonissi doesn’t have a rate list but a night stay can cost around $40,000 – $43,000. The grand place, yes u can say it grand has is home to a private, southern peninsula villa, that treats with a beautiful view of Aegean Sea from one’s own private heated swimming pool which is appropriate for all climate. This place’s interior consists two principal bedrooms, fireplaces and wide marble bathroom and sunbathing deck. Massage services and Gym are also offered to make the guests satisfied to the fullest.

6. Hotel Cala di Volpi, Italy- $44,000 per Night.

Hotel Cala Di Volpi, Italy Popular Luxurious Hotels in The World 2018 The Cala di Volpi be seated on the island of the Sardinia and provides all one need from mediterrean resort. Consists presidential suits featuring a reserved swimming pool, fitness center etc, because one expenses so much after the rooms, need not to go out at all. Rooms are colourful and airy with siridian influenced room decor. 24 hour fitness and spa, free parking, outdoor pool, kid friendly, bar are some other amenities provided. Room for one night costs $44000.

5. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel- $45,000 per Night. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel, NYC Place in New York City Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel cost for night is approximately US $45,000. It includes 4,300 sq ft number of nine rooms which having a 360 degree view of the lovely city around. It is designed by architect I.M. Pei and surrounded by upscale shops. Rooms feature free Wi-Fi, marble bathrooms with designer toiletries will be the amenities provided. This place is better for one to spend a peaceful vacation along with when someone concerns business deal. It claims to function as the premier room in the New York City and $50 million were spending for building this. One night stay could cost as much as $45000.

4. The Palace, Jumeirah Bodrum Palace, Bodrum- $45,000 Night. The Palace, Jumeirah Bodrum Palace, Bodrum Surrounded by the azure of Aegean Sea, this place is nestled in the natural beauty of Zeytinlikahve Cove on the spectacular Bodrum coast. The grandly designed suites and villas offered with Jacuzzi baths, butler service, and luxurious amenities together with the resort services like a heavenly private beach, clubs for kids and wide range of restaurants and bars. Rooms are offer at a price of $45000 per day and interiors are jewelled with gold statues. Whether one is travelling for an active vacation, or a quiet getaway, it’s sure to expect every service at the correct time. All the facilities are well-planned in here.

3.Shahi Mahal Suite At Raj Palace Jaipur- $60,000 per Night  Shahi Mahal Suite At Raj Palace, Jaipur Most Popular Luxurious Hotels in The World 2018 The lavish Raj Palace hotel is proposed its sets at a steep of $60,000 in one night. Along with six bedrooms, visitors will enjoy library, private theatre, astrology rooms and a private kitchen staffs. Apartments here feature periodic decor and art, have separate museums private pool, gym and bar. This is the place where one experiences the authentic flavour and majesticity of India. One staying here leaves with a grand satisfied memory of exclusive luxury.

2.The Royal Penthhouse Suite At The Hotel Presidential Wilson In Geneva, Switzerland  60,000 Swiss Francs Per Night.

The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland In the very centre of bustling city this hotel provides a serene setting where you can relax, stretch out and feel at home. Costing 60,000 Swiss Francs a night, the elegant sites here equipped with 12 marble bathrooms, billiards table, own gym, and a Steinway grand piano in circumstance you elaborate singing little melody.

1 . Lovers Deep, St Lucia – $150,000 Per Night       Lover’s Deep, St. Lucia Top Most Popular Luxurious Hotels in The World 2019 The most expensive and ultimate over-night room is not a hotel, one can say it a submarine rather. It offers a full crew service which takes one to the depth of ocean for a non-violent night sleep. It offers unlike all a beautiful view of the marine. Guest boarding here gets a private chef and butler, a captain, optional add-ons and speedboat transfers that include beach landing, helicopter transfers, champagne-soaked breakfast and two-person shower. As the name goes this hotel is suitable and is made especially for love couples and honeymooners. The speciality of the food offered is high class sea food dishes only. With all, this set a perfect atmosphere for love and romance but love under water doesn’t come cheap. It costs $150,000 Per Night.

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